3 Reasons To Choose Technical School Over A Four-Year Degree

Posted on: 30 May 2018


No matter which path you choose after secondary school, there is no guarantee of landing your dream job. The uncertainty of the job market makes certain career fields even more attractive, especially when they do not require four or more years of education before going out into the job force. Here are three reasons why you should choose a tech school over a traditional four-year college. 

Less Time Commitment

The time it takes to obtain a four-year degree can be discouraging for many people. Sometimes it can be difficult to pursue an education for several years when you have a job or family, and some people simply do not want to stay in school that long. Generally, programs at technical schools are two years or less. Depending on the program you choose and the specific school you attend, the overall costs of attending a technical program might be lower than choosing a similar field of study that requires a four-year degree. Since many people are graduating from college with high student loan debt and not securing a job that matches their education level, paying for a four-year degree is a serious deterrence for many people.

Find A Job Faster

The end goal for most people who pursue any form of post-secondary education is to find a job in their field. Not only are programs typically shorter at a technical college, but the programs they offer are usually designed for students to have the skills necessary to find a job after the program. Unlike some fields of study that are more theoretical and place less emphasis on practical skills, learning a trade or enrolling in an applied program is designed so there is no need for more education to advance in your field. For example, some technical colleges offer culinary arts. Although you will learn enough to be a competent chef or pastry chef throughout the program, being a chef is more about the talent and skills you showcase throughout your career, rather than textbook knowledge.

More Interesting

A hands-on approach to learning can simply be more interesting and fun to people, especially if they are bored with sitting in a traditional classroom for years on end. Of course, all programs require some amount of lecture classes and textbook learning, but when you choose a program that requires technical skills or client/patient interaction, you must learn in a hands-on manner. This manner of learning can also be helpful if you do better in environments when you see how to perform a task or watch machinery work, rather than simply reading about it. Sustained interest in your chosen program and field will make it easier to excel in school and your career.

Technical schools can have several advantages over a four-year program. In many cases, completing a technical program can lead to a highly-skilled, well-paying career.